Gusto is one of the most original and intriguing musicians of the music scene in Israel. From his hometown in Jerusalem, Gusto has launched his 4th album and tour "Afak", written and composed in his mother's tongue - the Moroccan language that he grew up with and absorbed inspiration from.

The album features ten songs with deep and meticulous texts, but at the same time they successfully relate with those who do not speak the Moroccan language .

A diverse group of musicians from the world scene took part in the project - each of them is an artist in his field.

The album features the world renowned pianist and composer - Maurice el Medioni!

Gusto has  created A new style that combines sounds and rhythms of traditional Moroccan music with A contemporary music production.

The result is an original cross cultural, richly melodious and vividly rythmical sound. 
Gusto's band features 4 musicians - including: Spanish guitar, violin, drums/percussion, and Oud.

Apart from his band, Gusto is performing with the Jerusalem East and West Orchestra, conducted by Tom Cohen.

A series of 13 concerts performing Gusto's original Songs, collaborating with the Israeli-renowned singer: Miri Mesika, is planned for the 2019 programme of the orchestra.


With the Jerusalem Orchestra East West


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